Menega cafe

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Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Set Menu Family

Price : Rp.1.350.000,-++
  • >3 portion

>2 portion

>2 portion
>3 portion

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Included :
10 bottle Mineral water
Rice,vegetable sauce and fruit.

Group Setup

This is the layout how we set up the table for the group

booking as for wedding or any other function.
the cost for this set up is start from IDR.600.000 to IDR.1.200.000.
decoration only.

Senin, 01 Februari 2010

Set menu with lobster and without lobster

Set Menu with Lobster

Included :
  • lobster
  • Fish
  • Clam
  • Squid
  • Rice,vegetable,sauce and slice of fruit
  • 2 glass of wine/2 smaal beer/2 soft drink/2 fruit juice
Set menu non lobster

Included : 
  • Jumbo prawn
  • Fish
  • Clam
  • Squid
  • Rice,vegetable,sauce and slice of fruit
  • 1 small beer/1 soft drink/1 fresh juice
all the price above excluded 10% VAT!

Grilled Crab

Price : Rp.150.000,-++/kg (1-2pcs) Regular 
            Rp. 290.000,-++/kg Super

BBQ Clam (Kerang bakar)
This is the most favorit menu in Menega cafe,most people don't want to miss this menu if they come to menega.
Cause the sauce is very delicious,this bbq clam can't get in any other place.
Even in other place they have the same clam but for the taste is different.
This BBQ Clam is not so expensive it's only Rp.45.000,-++/kg (12 to 14 pcs)
we always recomended this menu to our guest and you have to try this amazing taste....................

Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

Set Menu compit

SET MENU A = Rp. 295.000 / person
· Welcome drink
· Mineral water
· Live lobster
· Fish
· Calm / Shell
· Squid
· Rice + vegetable
· Mix fruits
SET MENU B = Rp. 150.000 / person
· Mineral water
· Jumbo prawn
· Fish
· Squid
· Clam / Shell
· Rice + vegetable
· Mix fruits
FAMILY PACKAGE = Rp. 1.350.000 / 10 person
· Mineral water
· Prawn
· Fish
· Squid
· Clam / Shell
· Rice + vegetable
· Mix fruits
All the price above is Excluded Tax 10%.

Grill Prawn

Grill Prawn (Srimph)
Thesse is also one of recomended food at Menega cafe the BBQ prawn,for the prawn we're here have 2 kind of prawn,like the image beside is the king prawn.
And the other kind of prawn call ''Jumbo prawn''
Jumbo prawn and the king prawn is a same prawn but they come from diferent habitate.
For the king prawn is coming from salt water and the jumbo prawn is from freshh water.

and for the price is
Tiger prawn : 160.000,-++/kg (20-24pcs)

King prawn : 185.000,-++/kg (12pcs)

Jumbo prawn : 195.000,-++/kg (4-5 pcs)

Grill Fish

This is the BBQ fish wich is cook with special sauce from Menega cafe.
at menega we have many kind of fish like a :Snapper,Grouper,Baracuda,King fish,Baronang and most recomended is the
Yellow crazy fish cause this kind of fish has soft meet and the taste also sweetter than snapper.
Kind of the fish like picture beside!!!
and the cost price is only : 90.000,-++/kg
wich is already included with steamed rice,vegetable,sauce and some slice of fruit (for dessert)

Other fish Available :
Red snapper
White snapper
                                                    King fish